Begin to reduce mental, emotional and tangible barriers.

This 'decluttering' reveals your true position.


Explore each area of your life to determine exactly what you need.

Establish a meaningful framework to guide you.


Design your new state of being.

Take action that is congruent with personal direction and do it your way.


Walk the talk. Practice being present and curious. Feel calm and open. Smile more!


I help people pare down and slow down, to clear space and find time, so they can be present, to fully live at the centre of their lives.

This is a whole life invitation, to move beyond coping strategies, look past expectations and work from a calm place that is open to creativity, acceptance and joy.

The more breathing room clients create for themselves, the more they are available to positively affect those around them. This is the essential perspective that inspires me to coach.

Because we only get to do this once.

Jo Bennett – Certified Life Coach, Professional Organizer


About YouAbout You

Life is busy and naturally there are ups and downs. However, a cluttered, over-committed schedule gives rise to a feeling of ‘running on a treadmill’ that causes you to lose touch with yourself. When drowning in detail and focused on results we lose the ability to be present, spontaneous and creative. The slow erosion of personal resources (health, career, relationships…) may go unnoticed at first. Over time, your capacity for joy diminishes. You suddenly realize how thirsty you are! And it doesn’t just affect you – your weakened system prevents you from fully contributing to the people and community you care about.

Let’s stop for a moment and breathe. Just sit still and feel where you are at. No matter how complicated things have become, know that with deliberate, systematic attention you can create a bit more space, and let in a bit more light. Take control of the little things and feel anxiety diminish. Become capable and embody optimism. Reconnect with yourself and the world around you and watch everything begin to fall into place.  [To find out how Jo can help, click on ‘offerings‘ in the menu] [Click here to learn how coaching works]

About JoAbout Jo

I enjoy the liberating power of choice, expressed in action. This is the true value of a minimalist perspective. The process of ‘mental, emotional and tangible decluttering’ is two fold: let go of perceived barriers to a meaning-filled life and then choose what you put back into the new found space. Sometimes tough decisions are required but I have learned from personal experience that even small moves produce significant and satisfying change over time. I feel strong and ready to handle the unforeseen events that in the past may have been crippling.

As a coach, it is deeply satisfying to assist others as they discover and develop this power for themselves. “Being invited to slow down is revolutionary!” exclaimed one client. I’m happy to be able to provide tips and tools to help manage schedules, organize projects, overcome procrastination and more, but mindfulness is the foundation that supports what might otherwise become band-aids for coping. Facilitating a process that allows clients to clearly identify their goals is the first step that opens the door to purposeful and effective living. To be present at the moment, when someone breaks free of blocks and gets to where they want to go, is the great gift that my clients give to me. [client feedback] [my curriculum vitae] [More on Jo’s lifework]


Jo Bennett presenting a workshop on minimalism

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