It is important to get feedback from my clients on how the coaching is working for them. Here are a few notes passed on to me so far:

Being invited to slow down is revolutionary! When I read your website I almost wept; I knew there was something I needed to do so my anxiety and stress wouldn’t get the better of me.
I love our coaching sessions so far. Compartmentalizing the events in my life, separate from the noise of my thoughts and feelings, really helps me to be mindful and to make different choices. And having the tools to assess my choices makes me own them and feel okay about them, even if it still means working crazy hours sometimes! I feel more in control of my life and everything seems to be getting lighter.
Paula, legal services – May 2016

Thank you, thank you! The DIY organizing session was exactly what we needed. I wasn’t sure how the coaching aspect of it was going to help but after what we uncovered, I realize that a cookie cutter clean up strategy just wasn’t going to stick for either of us, be meaningful. I don’t start things because I get overwhelmed with a list that gets too long. Your clear, calm, concise guidance with followup simple steps just made me feel so much better.
You’re right – this is a process, and getting one area done at a time is inspiring. I can wait without chastising myself for the next effort in a month or so and you helped me feel okay about that, and that makes things happier for my husband!
Karen & Jack – April 2016

I really gained so much from what you said – you have a great way of getting people to really look into what they’re trying to accomplish. You left me with a lot to think about and I’m excited to tackle it all!
Elana Kleinman, Professional Organizer – January 2016

Wow. You obviously know what you are doing! I came in thinking I only had one single burning issue, only to discover that my whole house was on fire. I feel like you didn’t ‘tell’ me anything, yet I heard a lot. Your mirror, as you call it, bounced a lot of light in my direction that highlighted how dangerous things were becoming in my life. Don’t get me wrong, your calm, almost simple approach was so peaceful and open and relaxed…I guess you gave me permission to let it all out. It was overwhelming at times but I felt held in your presence. Amazing, what started out as just a one off session turned into a journey worth taking.
S.W.  – July 2015

The coaching process was very helpful to me in providing a space and time to collect thoughts, reframe some of them (with your assistance) and hold myself accountable to progress between sessions. I have an insatiable appetite for all things minimalist these days, so all bits of your own experience you offered in that regard were appreciated.

You have such a beautiful energy, beautiful attitude, great voice, also great empathy, excitement and/or understanding as the conversations developed. I felt safe. You also left room for me to hear myself think – that is so important.
L.G.  – February 2015

I found coaching very positive. I came in to this adventure looking for some kind of balance in my life. Some of the answers I was looking for weren’t necessarily the ones that were going to help me in the end – I found different answers that gave me a stronger sense of happiness and well-being. I came out with powerful tools to help me live the kind of life I was striving for. This process helped me track small (and big) victories along the way and I continue to use these techniques to improve my overall quality of life.

Your questions and guidance were great – you were great at knowing when I needed to ramble and equally adept at getting me back on track. I liked writing on the chart board that gave a visual backdrop to what we were working on. This was something that was easy to reference when I felt like I was in a situation that required some kind of guidance. I could fall back on the images and solutions we had put to paper and apply them. The results I achieved from these sessions were more insightful and gave me more take-away actions than previous sessions I’ve had with therapists or counsellors.

I had a sense that I could trust you and this was only heightened after each encounter. You have an open energy about you, where I felt like I could talk about any subject no matter how personal or taboo. I knew there would not be judgment, only understanding, empathy and guidance. I always felt safe – even in the earliest sessions when I think I was feeling at my lowest and most vulnerable.
Paul Constable, actor & writer – June 2014

[Your coaching] was very useful. I found your use of both a planned process and intuition lovely. I felt completely safe and supported with the information, pace, kindness and the use of your insight.
Clarissa Chandler, Frontline Partners with Youth Network (FPYN) – May, 2013

So often in life, we are so busy that we don’t take the time to step back & really look at the various segments of our lives. After working with you, I feel empowered and focused on being the best person that I can be in my personal and professional life.
Patricia McCutcheon, project manager – December, 2012

Jo is a fabulous coach to work with. She is a successful career woman with the ability to think outside of the box and she inspired that creativity in me when I entered the freelance workforce. 

During a series of group coaching sessions, I felt comfortable exploring things about myself, setting goals, and making decisions that I knew might be a challenge, but would have a positive lasting influence on my life. It felt great to assess, in a safe, confidential environment, where I was at in terms of habits, feelings and emotions in regards to the launch of my career. 
Also, Jo asked if the other participants had questions or comments for me. Hearing their perspective on what I was processing, coupled with their professional experience, really broadened the journey for me. 

In retrospect, while the depth of 1-on-1 coaching might be the right choice for some people, having a less expensive option with a diverse reception made group coaching a great experience.
Ryan Kraft, Sign Language Interpreter – Summer 2012

I have learned that I need to ask for help more when making tough decisions…not a surprise. What did surprise me was how easy it was to articulate things that I kinda sorta already knew about myself but never took the time to really identify. My decision to get coaching was to help me with professional life decisions. It helped me figure out my professional issues but also to use what I learned about myself and apply them to other aspects of my life.

Jo’s overall approach was great for my style of learning. She was very accommodating yet had good boundaries. I appreciated her neutrality and ability to bring the conversation back to a focused discussion. A lot of the time her questions really made me stop and think and sometimes, I didn’t have an answer which helped me dig deeper and learn more about myself. Jo has been a fantastic coach and I would recommend her to anyone who is in a similar position to where I was when I started.
M.T. May 8th 2012

I highly recommend Jo Bennett as a Life Coach and as a ‘co-pilot’ in your creative goals and adventures!
Coaching has given me a process in which to focus my many ideas and projects. I have someone working with me, to help me move forward, keep track of it all and dream about what is possible.

Jo is a fantastic listener, not only to what’s being said out loud but what’s going on below the surface. Because of her background in the arts and her own strong imagination and intuition she goes where ever you lead and she adds to your creative expression and ideas as a way of helping you discover and then get what you want. Jo has deepened and enriched my experience of myself and what I do.  She is excellent at what she does and it’s been fantastic working with her.
Tracey Erin Smith – Award-winning solo performer
Founder of Soulo Theatre – April 15th 2012

Life coaching is a way to get you unstuck. Find your stuck things — personal, financial and professional — and bring them to the table. In a way that is SMART – specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and timely. Joanna will be there to encourage you over the fence, and she’ll do it with empathy, humour and support. You’ll notice you’re mostly climbing the fence yourself and you’ll feel good when you’re on the other side. The grass is indeed greener over there. You’ll strike things off your stuck list, and your unstuck list will grow, happily so.
Claire Ross Dunn, Writer – Jan 28th, 2012

Joanna has been professional and focused, helping me to examine my needs and move forward with career and future direction. It has been a most rewarding
She has been attentive and positive which has been of great benefit to me. I look forward to learning and discovering more about myself and the world of possibilities with her guidance.
Bill C. Dec 4th, 2011

..your questioning pushed me to articulate seemingly insurmountable ideas, of what I did and did not want in life, into clear and simple statements.
J.W. Nov 26th, 2011

I originally looked for coaching when I started to realize I was going down the wrong career/life path. My life seemed lacking in inspiration, positive energy and a sense of fulfillment.

Shortly after our first meeting I began thinking about myself introspectively which is not a new thing for me but you gave me the power to use key terms to describe/understand my feelings and emotions. Since our third meeting I feel like I have more control of my career and life; I have come to the realization that I need to own my own business. You’ve helped me by forming a structure to accomplish that goal. Sometimes I feel like people don’t take on the tasks that hold the most fulfillment mainly because they don’t know where to start and that is where you’ve helped me the most.

I look forward to our next meeting and exploring the next stages of coaching, as the first few meetings have been life changing! Thank you so much for that, you are certainly in the right field. 
J. S. Oct 23rd, 2011