Group Coaching

Share a coach and work on a common goal together!

Coaching in general provides a thoughtful and supportive environment for a client to explore deeper meaning in any area of their life.
In a group scenario (minimum 2, maximum 4 participants) I work with individuals who share a desire to engage with goals that are similar to each other. From a business perspective, this could be partners working on a plan, freelancers in the same career working on advancement or students in the same class who want to design success after graduation. This work is also suited to personal growth, whether it be a couple or a family, or maybe strangers who come together to take a good look at shared themes such as finances, wellness or many other topics!
Bring your own group or let’s work together to find folks to join you!

4 sessions
(completed in 2 months)
2 participants $375 + HST (per person)
3 participants $275 + HST (per person)
4 participants $225 + HST (per person)

New Grad Offer! Click here for rates.

Group coaching is energizing and practical! There is also the benefit of getting feedback and guidance from others in a confidential, supportive environment. However, shared time means less individual exploration. For deep, values-focused investigation into your own personal path, consider one-on-one coaching.

Send me an email if you have any further questions. If you are in Toronto, sessions can take place in person. Whether in town or not, we can also work together over the phone.

I look forward to meeting you!

Jo Coach ~

A GROUP CLIENT STORY: “Jo is a fabulous coach to work with. She is a successful career woman with the ability to think outside of the box and she inspired that creativity in me when I entered the freelance workforce. During a series of group coaching sessions, I felt comfortable exploring things about myself, setting goals, and making decisions that I knew might be a challenge, but would have a positive lasting influence on my life. It felt great to assess, in a safe, confidential environment, where I was at in terms of habits, feelings and emotions in regards to the launch of my career. Also, Jo asked if the other participants had questions or comments for me. Hearing their perspective on what I was processing, coupled with their professional experience, really broadened the journey for me. In retrospect, while the depth of 1-on-1 coaching might be the right choice for some people, having a less expensive option with a diverse reception made group coaching a great experience.” Ryan Kraft – ASL/English Interpreter (graduate GBC, 2012)