Individual Coaching with Jo

Minimalism is mental, emotional and physical decluttering. It is a two fold process of letting go through the conscious curation of objects, assumptions and habits, followed by mindful repossession of the new found ‘space’. It is through this lens that I help clients simplify their lives to improve their wellbeing.

Although every client brings a different objective, this systematic approach applies to everyone who wants to walk consciously into the next chapter of their lives. This could be untangling a busy life, establishing a functional schedule, clarifying relationships and improving daily functions. We start with self care basics, creating breathing room to get inspired to design and fulfill a vision, whether it be professional or personal oriented.

If you are in the Toronto area, we can meet in person for the first session. Whether in town or not, sessions are usually over the phone/skype.

I look forward to our conversation!

Jo coach –

  • 1 deep discovery and planning session

  • 4 action sessions

  • option for 1 EQi session

Who is this for?

The person who needs some untangling in life. This requires a shift in a few areas. Building on different themes each session, this ongoing exploration allows time to incite positive change.
Need more time? Continue after this program on an hourly as need basis!

This package includes: reflection tools, organizing resources and optional between session follow up. One of these sessions can be used for an EQi assessment.
  • 1 deep discovery and planning session

  • 1 action session

Who is this for?

You are feeling pretty good about life but desire to dig into one specific area that needs a boost. This is the final step that puts your whole life into view.