the value of our lives

the luggage

In a recent CBC article, Erin Collins asked, “What would you grab with a fire breathing down your neck?” Highlighted were a few brief stories reflecting the tough choices made by many of the 80,000 evacuees of Fort McMurray, Alberta, regarding what to pack with short notice as they escaped unprecedented fires last week. One […]

time out for tea


Mindfulness practices for me sometimes involve a cup of tea. For example, I set a timer for 15 minutes and while I stare at clouds or count raindrops falling from a leaf in a tree, I likely have a china cup near me containing my favourite beverage. I also sometimes practice mindful eating, or drinking […]

for better health – do less! office routine

a photo of the author's desk, with monitor, keyboard and shelves with only necessary tools for office work.

Okay, that title is just me being provocative. Yes, I am a coach and a minimalist who helps clients pare down and slow down. Especially for freelancers, we can experience a self-imposed pressure by working non stop, because there is so much to do! Regarding this post, however, I will clarify and add: “do less….in […]

mindful romance

a photo of a dark city skyline with bright sunset colours in behind a silhouetted church spire.

My husband and I did not speak to each other all night. And it was heavenly. No Gadget Night features in our lives as a weekly evening of turning down the visual and auditory noise by keeping the lights low and turning all gadgets off. I have written about the positive mental and emotional impact […]

the benefit of being bored

A photo of brightly coloured Autumn leaves on a wooden table.

My previous post, A Minimalist’s Diary, mentions that I was on holiday recently. While there, my husband and I enjoyed reading passages to each other from John Montague poems. I marveled at the detail and clarity of each moment described; so thoughtful and present. Besides having the talent to create the written form, I was envious […]