Lead an Intentional Life

The pandemic has forced us to lift our heads out of daily preoccupations, to notice where we are in life. We are called forward, not simply to wander through each day but to elevate our way of being. This is a powerful time. Find joy and contentment, share your deepest riches and strive for harmony in this world. Because we only get to do this once.

I feel I'm now at full capacity, meaning I have the strength of heart and mind to re-engage with my role as leader - at my job, at home and in the community.
Thank you, Jo, for guiding me home.
Client M.H.

Jo's Offerings

Transformation Coaching

Individual Sessions
Senior leaders – Awaken to your second half of life!
Sustain power for continued growth, shift from achievement to fulfillment and positively impact your personal and professional ecosystems.

total Life

Online facilitated program
For employees over the age of 50 – Explore your evolving identity, web of connections and sense of purpose to create guiding principles that inform meaningful decisions in all areas of life. Age Deliberately!
What a simple, delightful and awe inspiring realization - I'm not on my way out, I'm just beginning my way up. Every session with Jo invigorates my next level of engagement with being.
Client E.S.

Jo Bennett, PCC, ACE

I became a coach because I like conversing about the liberating power of choice, expressed in action. Coaching is about facilitating change and certainly my clients reach their practical objectives. But beyond navigating professional and personal issues, they have in common a desire to make their life count. Through our journey together, my clients awaken to a deep awareness of their important place in this world. The result is a budding curiosity, agility, delight and contentment. This contributes to skilful presence, for yourself and for others. It is remarkable that, although our busy lives can distract us far from our inner truth, we can always find our way home.

It is my pleasure to be your guide.

This year felt like we were living in a hamster cage! I seriously wondered, "Is this all there is?" Your thoughtful questions helped me to grow in this climate and shift my attention to helping others.
Client K.L.