CBC radio interviews

I enjoy working with the CBC Radio Syndicated Unit, sitting in a booth and talking with station hosts across Canada. Topic this time? Decluttering in 2019!
Each conversation was different but here is a sample found on Vancouver’s show, “On The Coast”: https://www.cbc.ca/listen/shows/on-the-coast/episode/15656700 (time code 41:38)

It’s tricky to get in the deeper meaning of simplifying life – questions tend to focus on tangible decluttering of stuff. The disorganization (or lack of organization) is usually a side effect of our over busy lives and the choices we make. So I broadened the conversation to mention a desire to live deliberately and to consciously curate our day-to-day transactions in our spaces, which extends to our habits, our relationships and so forth. Still, I make a point of telling listeners that if they just don’t want to deal with their physical mess, I defer to the professionals in that area – hire an organizer!