contemplative sunday

Life throws curveballs.
The last couple of months were stressful and I found it difficult to maintain my regular mindfulness routine.
However, the beauty of this ability to pay attention to wellbeing made it possible to find tiny pockets of time to listen to my body and heart. But still, I could feel a build up of physical and mental ‘knots’ that needed some attention.

This morning it felt good to get back to my cherished contemplative time and I noticed I am out of practice! My busy mind wanted to take on house tasks and answer interesting work emails. I went back to the beginning, reminding myself of the path to feeling centred and present.

  • find at least 4 consecutive hours in your week to do as little as possible! (I choose Sunday mornings)
  • turn off screens and sounds.
  • do what feels good (I spend about half an hour stretching on a mat)
  • take your time (savour food, gaze out the window..)
  • don’t ‘get somewhere’ (being in nature is wonderful – don’t race through it)
  • notice you – toes tapping, thoughts racing, need more sleep? Honour your thoughts and feelings just by being with them. Don’t even write them down.
  • I meditate. Sometimes I just sit and see what comes up. Other times I exercise discipline by bringing my mind back to the present moment.
  • express gratitude.
  • savour experiences. (Rick Hanson explains the benefits)
  • share this contemplative time with those in your household.

Are you muttering reasons why you can’t find this time to just be? Get support – reach out to someone who cares for you, and get their feedback to check your assumptions and help you find a way to elevate yourself out of your busy doing mind.

Nourish Yourself; Transform the World