Earth Day

Our global health is directly determined by our stewardship. Create your own personal sustainability plan to take action in protecting our planet.

My personal mission is to consciously curate my life so I can be well and take care.

We are all connected. Our bodies contain multiple interconnected systems, we belong to complex social and economic systems, and we make up part of the Earth’s delicate ecosystem. ‘From hearts to stars’, we vibrate with activity that positively and negatively impacts us all. Therefore, our personal, community and global health is directly determined by our stewardship. And these systems are degrading. To sustain a good quality existence, we must act on all levels.

Seems big, doesn’t it. Well, I believe we cannot contribute on a larger scale if we don’t have enough personal power in store.
So start with these actions that are within our control:

  1. Let go. The further away we are from our essential core, the more unconscious we become. Examples are unhelpful narratives, poor habits and unsupportive relationships. By removing these barriers, we can easily access our most natural selves.
  2. Nurture what works. Shine a light on the existing good things that may have been captive in the shadows. What talents can be leveraged? What tools are at our disposal? Who has always been our biggest fan?
  3. Add new strategies for flourishing. Consider how to generate productive thinking, ask for help to master something unfamiliar and find meaningful pursuits.

This work is a lifelong, but every move taken can improve mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

So how does focusing on our wellbeing help us take care of the environment? Well, it goes back to the personal power. When we cultivate awareness and show up for ourselves, we increase our capacity to take care. This extends to generosity and compassion for others, and eventually we have the energy to be of greater service. This leads us back to interconnectedness and my mission.


Perhaps you are doing okay in the self care department but aren’t sure how to contribute to the sustainability of the planet? Starting with education, understand the issues and learn how to articulate them.

Check out the UN’s 17 goals. It’s big stuff, interconnecting poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice! However, you may be surprised by the different areas where you can participate. Pick one of interest and dig in.

I have created a ‘Personal Sustainability Plan’ to keep me on track. This is an evolving document that contains:

  • A statement about my vision and intentions. (“I acknowledge my responsibility for this planet and I can be a catalyst for change; each month I will find more ways to challenge myself..”)
  • a check list of what I have been doing to improve planet conditions (continually working on UN goals 1, 2, 7, 11, 12, 15)
  • and some ideas about new areas I can invest my time (goal 13 is new for me and I am learning to get over feeling shy about sharing what I’m doing)

By putting fingers to keyboard, I am making my efforts real and it is motivating to see progress.

A resource we must always call on is self-compassion. To circle back to the self care, there will be times when we slip up, or we won’t be able to stand strong. Then we turn inward again, to tend to the fire until our light is bright again.