I just left twitter

Over two years ago I left Facebook. I can only think of a couple of times when I missed out on useful information because that was the single place it was shared. Occasionally someone will be surprised to discover I’m not on that platform, thinking I was there all along! What a backdrop to daily life social media has become. As a coach I help clients simplify their lives and digital clutter frequently comes up in conversation. We talk about how technology must serve a purpose, practically, but also meaningfully. After eight years on Twitter, I don’t need or want it anymore

I used Twitter to advertise my business, to share industry-related information, to read articles and to quickly catch news headlines before I headed out the door in the morning. Most of my clients come from finding my website, a referral or they have heard me speak at an event. I have left my profile up so there is plenty of useful information there for people to find out about me and to read wellbeing-related materials if they wish. I found it hard to weed through the non-engaging posts and sponsor-filled thread to get to interesting conversations and even the most sensible news reports were filled with trash talk.

Digital detoxing is a regular activity of mine, to take breaks from screens in general. Each time I went back on Twitter I spent less time there. Eventually I found preferred avenues for information, like getting a news digest via email every morning, or seeking out industry writing on the internet when I want it, rather than having it pushed at me in a feed. And I just don’t feel a desire to contribute there any more. I know I am being heard elsewhere.

So on this Winter Solstice, as I slip into the quieter rhythm of the darkened season, I posted a ‘letting go’ notice on my Twitter account and signed out. I still enjoy the visual and non-combative nature of Instagram and I have a practical use for LinkedIn. And yes, I’ll be monitoring their use in 2019.

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