Make room

"I should be able to handle this! Normally this wouldn't be an issue." Well, these aren't normal times.
“It’s time for radical attention!” I exclaimed. This was in response to a client’s frustration with not optimally functioning. Throughout the pandemic, my clients express some version of not doing well. “I’m not able to accomplish everything I set out to do.” “I am drained after I go grocery shopping.” “I don’t feel like exercising.” In the coaching process we quickly uncover so much that has created new patterns. There is underlying tension that saps the power required for mundane tasks, let alone dealing with complex issues.

I show my clients this diagram that I drew and they get it. There is more to the story, to explain the drain. Not knowing when the working from home and educating kids on line will end, self compassion is required. It is time to make room for the whole story. And then there is a break in the storm. Once permission is granted, patience and care are applied as a temporary equilibrium appears.