more of this, less of that

A part of minimalism is mindfulness. If I am consciously curating what I want and don’t want during the day then I am paying attention, to honour my intention.

For example, I am ‘listening’ to my body while sitting at the computer. I notice that my neck and shoulders are stiff. What is happening? Sometimes my posture slips. Sometimes it is stress. I notice that I have not taken a break. To sit comfortably at my desk I must do a stretching routine every morning. But I still get up every 20 minutes (I set a timer) and do a chore, take a walk, or have a power nap.  Voice dictation saves my hands and wrists. And I shift eye gaze to stare out a window at the clouds for a few minutes.

I know I must care for my body, to care for me, so I can give to the world outside of me. My contribution is important.

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