I reject paper as often as I can.

My recycling bin is full enough of appropriate packaging but if I can, I try to keep that down to a minimum.

I’m currently in school and I request digital copies of all hand outs. (my school administration already is paperless with registration and all course outlines are digital)

At meetings, I view the agenda on my netbook or last minute I’ll type my notes on my blackberry. Careful with this: I have learned to inform people of my practice! Otherwise they think I’m being rude and texting throughout!

I’ve already commented in previous blogs about using digital stickies on my desktop. My to do list is also on my BB so I can quickly remind myself of what groceries I need to pick up.

There is something wonderful though about a writing in a journal. I have two (with beautiful artwork on the front that inspires me) and they are lasting a long time. Ideally they be made from reused materials. When full in a year or so, I get rid of them. Pages are shredded and recycled (or reused for packing things!) I do read them first, reflecting on where I have been and how I have grown. Then I happily make room for something else on the shelf.