Transformation Coaching

Coaching senior leaders on their next twenty years

Optimally engage with remaining high career focus, while making room for ‘what’s next’. This is an often ignored yet exciting crossroad between years of horizontal growth (accumulating skills) and vertical development (acquiring wisdom). Deepen the quality of your presence at home, at work and in your community.
Jo is an excellent thought partner, for dreaming big about who I get to be, while tackling the practical issues in life
Client M.L.

The Conscious Curation of Life

Take stock
Catch up to now.
Build capacity, creating optimal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.
Take heart
Come home to your essential self. Cultivate being not just doing, take in the good, appreciate ambiguity and paradox.
Take hold
Engage with your daily living legacy, interconnected with others and systems. Use your power of wisdom for good.
All this time I was an acorn - now I get to be an oak tree!
J.S. (client turning 60)


Customized Coaching

One to one dedicated access
$ 175
per session
  • Weekly or biweekly sessions
  • Assessments and resources

Customized Coaching

One to one dedicated access
$ 175
per session
  • Weekly or bi-weekly sessions
  • Assessments and resources
The pandemic has woken me up to needing personal and professional improvements!
Jo, your coaching is helping me show up better - there is no time to waste.
Client A.M.


I provide a guiding framework to help you get to what is most important for you.

Through questions, tools and assessments, you explore, reflect, assess, make decisions, become aware, learn and grow. I listen for assumptions, expectations, habits, motivation and more, challenging you to get out of your own way to achieve success.

At the start of each session we begin with an objective outlined by you. It may start out specific, yet if it can’t be named, we find a good starting point. My expertise is to invite a bigger picture, to provide meaningful context for various issues. By the end you will have determined how to move forward with practical steps.

Each session layers over the last, building sustainable growth and change. We continually check in on markers of progress pinpointed by you so you know you are getting the results you desire.


Therapy generally helps a client who is not able to cope in the present moment in a particular area of their life. They look to the past to unravel what may be contributing to this. You sometimes hear words like ‘’to heal’’ and there are conditions for which people seek treatment. Many therapists have taken coach training and use that skill set in their repertoire.

In coaching we focus on the present, in daily action, shifting from your current state of being, to a more preferred state. Our assumption is that clients are generally well, even if they find it difficult to make change, and have the full capability to walk forward.

There is a point when coaching and therapy intersect. Either professional may recognize that their client could benefit from an additional or different service and at that point may invite the client to seek that support.

There is a kind of coach who imparts knowledge and provides a program for their clients to follow. Think of a sports, math, business or health coach. Like consultants and teachers, they have an expertise that they will share with you. Mentorship is similar, in that wisdom is shared to support someone, yet mentors often are not paid.

Our coaching assumes that you are the expert of your life. We provide a framework designed to help you reveal your best route based on your knowledge of yourself. We don’t tell you what to do and we are not cheerleaders for our clients. A coach is an impartial objective professional who is not invested in your outcome and does not judge you on your choices.


The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the leading global organization for coaches and coaching. ICF is dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification and building a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals. ICF continues to offer the only globally recognized, independent credentialing program for coach practitioners. ICF Credentials are awarded to professional coaches who have met stringent education and experience requirements and have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the coaching competencies that set the standard in the profession. Achieving credentials through ICF signifies a coach’s commitment to integrity, understanding and mastery of coaching skills, and dedication to clients. ICF also accredits programs that deliver coach-specific training. ICF-accredited training programs must complete a rigorous review process and demonstrate that their curriculum aligns with the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. My current credential is PCC, Professional Certified Coach.

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