Values list

  • Read through this list of values and mark any that stand out to you as important or meaningful.
  • Review your choices, and simplify to a smaller number, based on them being VERY applicable.
  • From this small list of choices, prioritize them.
  • Another way to hone in on strong values, is to make note of the ‘opposites’. What values listed here are very UNimportant. Perhaps you react quickly to them: ‘Nope!’ Sometimes this can help point to an opposite word, that can become a core value. [ie, ‘spontaneous’ does not ring true, therefore perhaps something like predictability is more aligned]
  • Once completed, use the key values you have collected and recall important/impactful moments in life. Are their particular words that relate to these experiences [ie, when I volunteered for a local charity, I really enjoyed the team work, shared commitment, sense of community and altruism] This provides further evidence of your core values.