welcoming winter

Every year I start to write a post about letting go of Christmas and then I don’t publish it. For the last fifteen years my story has evolved, from basically holding my breath for the last two weeks of December to eventually feeling so comfortable with my views that I forget they were an issue.

I think it’s time to let go of this letting go. I’d rather talk about how satisfying this holiday time has become. To inhabit this transition, I will briefly acknowledge my journey to here. It goes something like this:

Consumerism, expensive, environmental impact, kids need it? tired of decorating, fattening! cultural expectations, family pressure, stressful, not religious, too much travel, donate ALL year! makes some people lonely.

Huh. Like burning a note in the fireplace. Now I will put on the mantle what I celebrate:

Sparkly things, crisp air, fat snowflakes falling, dear friends, gratitude solstice gathering, no career work, candles lit in the dark, the milky way, going inward, deep sleep, letting go of 2019, healing, love.

Whatever you do this time of year, do it because it means something to you and find community with those who like how you do what you do.

I am blessed.

Happy _______, everyone!